Innovating Digital Media with AI and NFTs

Based in Phoenix Arizona. We create top tier art, smart contracts, minting websites, and more.

30,000+ NFTs Created, $1M+ in Sales

We have created multiple successful NFT Projects with high quality art and minting websites.

  • Sprouts 10k

    10,000 Cute Earthy characters launched on the Ethereum Blockchain with free mint NFT platform OPEN3 as a partner

    View on Opensea 
  • Starchain Quest

    Starchain is a scifi universe with a rich story, media, and 10,000+ NFTs owned by 1000+ users.

    View on Opensea 
  • Froog AI

    Froog AI is one of the first AI generated NFT projects. We are innovating the design of NFT projects in this upcoming project.

    Minting Website 
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